I hope you all enjoyed a lovely Christmas with your loved ones, I wanted to post earlier but I think it’s nice to use these few days as a little break from social media. As we spend less and less time with our families due to distance and work and just life in general, I want to appreciate the uninterrupted time I do get to spend with them removed from the stress of daily life where your interactions consist of a quick “hello” and then swiftly followed by “goodbye” as you rush off to work or university”.

It was a shame to not have been able to fly back to England to visit my mum, grandma and sister also because I absolutely love London at Christmas. Everyone asks why I do when in Germany I have the genuine Christmas markets on basically every street corner but for me nothing beats London – I love the crowds (although I do try to avoid Oxford Street) and the shops and the diverse food because my palette has not yet grown accustomed to traditional German food such as Kassler and Sauerkraut to name two of the biggest offenders. Nonetheless, my dad and I had a very decadent little Christmas with his girlfriend and her family with lots of (read: too much) champagne and good food, Sauerkraut not included.

I’m not one to brag about what I’ve received, and I don’t plan on doing so here, but all that you give and you get really does make you realise how blessed you are in terms of lifestyle and loved ones.  I do , however, feel like I might just have overindulged on all the food and hear the gym calling me again, but if not at Christmas then when, and thankfully I have some cosy jumpers to hide my food baby underneath…until we go out for dinner tonight.



Do people even read blogs anymore? I feel like I’m a couple of years too late to this party but who doesn’t love a party crasher to revive things a little (and probably embarrass myself in the process)?

18 and jaded: welcome to my life. I most aptly sum up my current state of affairs as ‘balancing precariously on the last stepping stone into adulthood’. So I’m trying to create a little safety net, or rather, a haven, for myself and the rest of you out there.

A couple of years ago, teen magazines mixed with my Vogue subscription got me through life very well: I had the advice columns in the teen magazines to tell me how I could know whether my crush was into me, and then Vogue to give me an insight into the rapidly-approaching adult world of high heels and handbags worth more than a year’s pocket money for me. This is not to say that Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous quote on Sex And The City– “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.”- doesn’t still ring true but I’m still a long way out from the lifestyle depicted on the glossy pages of fashion magazines and I feel like there is something lacking in the way of advice for the almost-adults-who-almost-have-their-life-together-but-not-quite.

I think to be a writer or blogger or anyone who shares some aspect of their life on the internet with strangers, you have to be a little bit more narcissistic than we may like to admit, after all, we are trying to create a brand based solely on the hope that absolute strangers are interested enough in us to keep us going. That was more of a generalisation based on self-reflection please but I’m writing, or rather word-vomiting, because I felt like something was/is missing on the internet and my ego allows me to think I may be able to fulfil this requirement. Maybe. Hopefully.