Do people even read blogs anymore? I feel like I’m a couple of years too late to this party but who doesn’t love a party crasher to revive things a little (and probably embarrass myself in the process)?

18 and jaded: welcome to my life. I most aptly sum up my current state of affairs as ‘balancing precariously on the last stepping stone into adulthood’. So I’m trying to create a little safety net, or rather, a haven, for myself and the rest of you out there.

A couple of years ago, teen magazines mixed with my Vogue subscription got me through life very well: I had the advice columns in the teen magazines to tell me how I could know whether my crush was into me, and then Vogue to give me an insight into the rapidly-approaching adult world of high heels and handbags worth more than a year’s pocket money for me. This is not to say that Carrie Bradshaw’s infamous quote on Sex And The City– “When I first moved to New York and I was totally broke, sometimes I would buy Vogue instead of dinner. I felt it fed me more.”- doesn’t still ring true but I’m still a long way out from the lifestyle depicted on the glossy pages of fashion magazines and I feel like there is something lacking in the way of advice for the almost-adults-who-almost-have-their-life-together-but-not-quite.

I think to be a writer or blogger or anyone who shares some aspect of their life on the internet with strangers, you have to be a little bit more narcissistic than we may like to admit, after all, we are trying to create a brand based solely on the hope that absolute strangers are interested enough in us to keep us going. That was more of a generalisation based on self-reflection please but I’m writing, or rather word-vomiting, because I felt like something was/is missing on the internet and my ego allows me to think I may be able to fulfil this requirement. Maybe. Hopefully.



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