I returned home from Mallorca last Wednesday, concluding my summer of travelling, my 11th and final flight of the summer taking me firmly back to reality. Acclimatisation from 30 degrees, to highs of 15 here in Hamburg has definitely taken some getting used to but I am starting to like autumn whereas I used to hate it. Returning to school after the summer made any positives of autumn get drowned out with the stress of essays and grades but now, regardless of the fact of this being the second year where I am no longer at school, I feel as though September is still almost like a new year, so I’m using it as an opportunity to reflect on the year so far and see what my goals are for the remaining months of 2017 (passing my end of term exams at uni).

Mallorca was the perfect way to wind down from my summer and my return makes me feel motivated to get back to my job and to university in a month’s time. I loved my experiences this summer and am eternally grateful for having been to the places I’ve been and having seen the things I’ve seen but not being home for a period of more than five days for nearly three months made me feel anxious about what I’d return home to. Luckily my orchid survived my absence and is officially a year old but aside from that it wasn’t the state of my place as much as it was just the feeling that I had just dropped so many responsibilities. Now I’m in the process of organising all of that so I guess I’ll see how that goes…

F for first class? No, F for Flybe economy


WhatsApp Image 2017-09-10 at 19.56.28

I think it’s crucial to spend time alone to teach yourself that no matter what happens, you can carry yourself through it and see the other side. For a long time I didn’t like to be alone, confronted with my own thoughts but there’s a difference between being alone and being lonely. For that reason I love flying, its an escape from the mundane everyday where I love being on my own. Although on the way home from Mallorca I was glad to not be alone when we missed our flight and got kicked out of our hotel so had to find the next flight out to Hamburg as well as affordable accomodation for the night which turned out being a hostel with plastic covers on the matresses, a slight downgrade from our 4 star hotel room with a double balcony.

In the time that I was writing this post, I booked flights to England to see my family again for a couple of days in October before university starts again. I was trying to take things down a notch and take a breather but things don’t always go to plan! Sometimes you have to listen to yourself and see what it is that you really want, and for a while I thought I was running away from my life and responsibilities here in Hamburg and should therefore settle down. Now though, I feel as though I am rather making the most of life and of the opportunities I have been given. Living in a different country to a significant portion of family and loved ones is not easy and something that should definitely not be underestimated.

You shouldn’t think twice about following your dream and experiencing all the world has to offer but I personally have found myself to struggle with the two lives and often found myself wondering what life would have been like had I stayed there and taken the traditional route to university. However, it stays only that. This has afforded me so much personal growth it’s incredible: I’ve become a lot more financially independent and independent in general since having moved out from home into a shared apartement and starting university. 


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